CFI’s 10th survey of consumers found that 72.6 percent of respondents said they were fully vaccinated or had received at least one shot. That’s up from the 65.8 percent reported in the ninth survey and is the highest rate since the CFI began asking about vaccines. Additionally, 62.2 percent of parents in the survey indicated that they will get their younger children vaccinated once they get FDA approval. Reports of the Delta variant pushed more people to get a shot. More than one in three (35.5 percent) said news reports of the Delta and other variants made them more likely or willing to get vaccinated.

While receptivity to the vaccines is rising, consumers’ view of the future has not improved. Indeed, people were less upbeat in October than in July. In the latest survey, 23.0 percent of respondents said they felt more or significantly more negative about their personal outlook than they did at the start of 2021. That’s an increase of 10.1 percentage points since the middle of the year. It is possible that consumers recognize that progress against the pandemic is occurring, but the economic challenges highlighted and exacerbated by the pandemic may take longer to resolve.